Updating periferals

Hello guys,

im busy updating my periferals and right now im searching for a new mouse and i was wondering if you guys had some suggestions. my hands are fairly large, i do like the palm grip over the claw grip. The mice i was looking into were the logitech g500 and g500s and the func ms-3 and also the razer deathadder. Am i forgetting some great mice to look into. (i will try to find a store and see which mouse feels the nicest).

all suggestions are welcome

i forgot to add my budget which is around 60-70 euros


I would reccomend the logitech they have great build quility.  I use a thermaltake theron they have some nice ones they have kind of a rubbery coating on them it you like that.  If you want to look at thermaltake the saphira is probably the best for bigger hands.

You forgot Logitech G400 which has a better sensor and weight compared to G500.

Switching from laser to optical mouse i can say Deathadder 2013 is pretty good one. Response is more precise and it is suprisingly comfortable. 

Altho i originally wanted G500 but since it was more expensive ~10 euro i took DA. 

Also i am not sure about the USA, but the quality control is different in Europe and i´ve yet to see anyone return their DA. 

The only product Razer actually knows what they are doing is mice, which they originally made. (first gaming mouse in the market), everything else is just smash some pieces togetter and see how it goes.