Updating my RIG

Ok first of all I am a young lad so that means BUDGET!

I shall be gaming at medium - high settings at 60 FPS caped

ok so ...

Fractal Design Arc Mini Series Micro ATX Case

CX 600W PSU //owned

970A-G46 - ATX motherboard //willing to change 

FX 6300 //cant avord an 8350 sorry,.....

G.Skill 8GB  1866Mhz 

Samsung 840 Series 120GB // OS and games

500GB HDD //owned

7870 //owned



Ok so please tell me if I have gone overkill with the motherboard or anything, also please tell me if you would upgrade anything else at a good quality to price ratio. 

Thanks guys, keep TEK SYNDICATE alive




What is your budget?

you could get 1600mhz ram istead of 1866. it will save you money.

This upgrade total up at £400 ... i want that figure to stay low as possible but still have quality parts

I shall check price comparison

For some reason on amazon The 1866 is cheaper