Updating GPU... HELP!

My current rig:

CPU: FX 8350

RAM: 4gb gskill 1600

GPU: 550ti gforce

Mobo: MSI 990fxa-gd65 

PSU: thermaltake 430W

Case: antec dark fleet

Peripherals: Corsair k70, Steelseries sensei.


I recently bought an NVIDIA EVGA 750 ti FTW and noticed my pc sometimes would boot and sometimes it didn't. I figured it was my PSU cause my keyboard wouldn't light up. I saw a few PSU on sale on my budget range. My question is... 550W enough to power my pc?

Yeah 550W is plenty. The 750 Ti uses almost no power. It doesn't even have a PCIE power connector.

I'd say it may be something else. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. The PSU has enough juice but may be failing. "Failing to boot" what does that mean? Like doesn't turn on? Gets stuck at the Windows screen?

It does turn on, it just doesn't POST. I'll check for driver updates.

I had noticed that if I stretch out the PSU power cable, it's able to boot without any problems. Changed the cable for a brand new one and still had random unsuccessful boots. Same situation, turns on but won't POST

sounds like PSU is got issues

any of your friends got one you can borrow to test with?

I do, but I'm like 70% sure it's the PSU. I'mma get that 550w I bought mine at best buy I don't like buying shit there, but I was in need lol

Yeah the 550w will be more than enough ... the GTX 750Ti only pulls 60w @ idle

that 550w should handle maybe up to an R9 280 that draws 200w @ idle

depending on number of drives and other variables

Thanks, guys.