(updated) rate my build 1-10 for gaming!


just updated!! Thanks

Looks good. What about a case?  Otherwise: 9.8

My case is the phantom nzxt 410 case

Is that a good case?


depends, it's not bad, but people like myself prefer full towers.

and get a different brand of psu. i reccomend corsair, seasonic, xfx, or cooler master

and getting faster ram doesn't help at all except for amd apu's\

get a regular 7970 by sapphire..... there's no real difference

and the hyper 212 evo is better than the plus

Is the PSU really that bad? I have heard good things about it.


psu is not something you want to get a brand that is not known for psus.... besides, ocz as a buisness is really sinking fast.....so warranty's really won't be honored

their stock is $1.23 a share, WD's is like $23/share, as is seasonic's

I understand but it is said to be one of the more popular PSU's.

I would probably get a cheaper hdd, and go for a 250~gb ssd.

The seagate, or the WD green, drives are 2TB, and abit cheaper.

no, WD gree's are slow, and seagat is unreliable



who says this? here we are computer nerds, we spend hours of every day researching hardware. what I have seen is that seasonic make the best. xfx, corsair, and CM take seasonic psu's and put them in their own casings. the wattage you have is enough, but the  psu is something you absolutely NEVER skimp on quality. a low-grade psu can mean fried components later on.



I saw a video about it on LinusTechTips on youtube and ya I think that he is pretty reliable.

heres what i can do. I will use this psu for a little while, until I have the moola to get a new, more reliable PSU, like a seasonic cause I am only 14, so money doesn't always just roll in.

Sure, use an OCZ PSU but when it fails on you and you fry all of your hardware, don't come crying to us.

USE A DIFFERENT PSU! We know what we're talking about, and you need to get Seasonic, Corsair, or XFX. Otherwise, you can probably just kiss all that hardware goodbye.

omg, just LISTEN TO US


there, fixed it

Ok i will do my best, but I am thinking of SLI or Crossfire so I don,t think 520 watts is enough

wow, lots of people yelling about the psu, i personally think it would be a good short term psu, going by how people reviewed it. 4 out of 5 stars isnt half bad

well, you can upgrade your wattage then, but xfire/sli really is only good if you are upgrading an existing rig

a single 7970 will max all games for the next 2 years at least



Go to 3Dguru dot com. Check there about the psu. No one knows more then then.


The only issue I have with OCZ power supplies is that they have bad coil whine issues. They're seriously loud and squeal like tires taking a sharp turn at 100mph. This issue might not affect every single one of their PSU's, but it definitely is a problem affecting a large amount of their PSU's. Not to mention that the company is going under, and if something does happen to your PSU one day, you're not going to be able to get a replacement from them.

Also, keep in mind that Linus is a salesman who works for NCIX. He's going to promote anything NCIX tells him to. If NCIX is having trouble selling OCZ power supplies then he's going to get in front of a camera and tell you how awesome they are.

If you want a reliable power supply, then it would be better to go with something from Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone, Enermax, Cooler Master, XFX, or Thermaltake.

As far as the ram goes, you generally want lower timings rather than higher speeds for gaming, but you're probably not going to notice a difference either way. If getting a cheaper RAM kit means getting a better quality PSU, then go that route.

Also, the difference between the Hyper 212+ and Hyper 212 Evo is negligible. There's maybe 1 degree difference, and that probably falls within the margin of error anyway. Also, while the Hyper 212 is a nice cooler for its price range, it isn't the best cooler in the world. I would suggest spending more on a cooler if you're going to be planning on overclocking, but this can always be an upgrade down the road too.

Everything else looks good to me, but if you want you could always grab a regular 7970 and overclock it yourself instead of going with a ghz edition. You'd save some money and get the same or better performance. Just make sure it has the same cooler on it, otherwise you won't be able to overclock as high due to heat limitations.