(Updated) Gaming/Editing Rig Please Rate!

Here is my $2000ish dollar build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/sZRj

Please rate like this.

1. Gaming Performance: 1-10

2. Gaming While Reocrding: 1-10

3. Video Editing: 1-10

Keep in mind that I will be building a custom water cooling kit in the future.



What a monster of a system, Check out a GTX 680 though they are similar prices and the GTX680 offers more performance in a lot of games. 

http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/508?vs=555 Here is the bench between the GTX680 vs the HD7970



3:Not a dang clue lol

It is a serious system, will destroy just about any game you throw at it.

Thanks for the helpful feedback!

probably wanna use a geforce card (680 or 690 in this case) for video editing, cuda is pretty badass.


I agree with jeffrly. If you'll be using applications that allow for cuda acceleration, definitely go for a 680. It will improve speed in supported applications immensely. Also, for a cpu cooler, you may want to check out the NZXT HAVIK 140. Logan reviewed it, and got some ridiculous temps with it. As for the 3770k, you should able to keep it at 4.5 ghz no problem.

If by video editting you just mean like doing small amounts of edditing to upload gameplay videos, I'd go with an AMD GPU.

If you'll actually be doing some hardcore editting though, I'd get a Nvidia GPU.

AMD cards are better for just gaming rigs, but for hardcore video editting and gaming, Nvidia is better.

You could take the 1Tb drive off and switch the SSD to an ADATA 256Gb.

You need windows 7 professional if you're going to be using 16Gb of Ram.

This cooler may be a better choice. It DOES have some cons, but it's definitely a solid cooling unit.


Seems pretty good to me though.

Why do you need windows 7 proffesional for 16 gb?

One change is that I will actually be using two gtx 660's instead of the 7970 so please tell me how that effects the build. Thanks!

you need to elaborate on what you will be doing by "video editing"

Well I am hoping to render recorded videos using sony vegas so that I can post to youtube. Does that help?

in that case Nvidia may be a good option

I say get a gtx660 if you like using Adobe products like premiere for video editing... Adobe loves CUDA more than OpenGL

Ok but sliing two 660's won't take away from the performance?

Depending on what windows operating system you have can determine how much RAM your computer will recognize, Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit I believe only recognizes 4gb as the 64 bit only recognizes 16gb. While the 32 bit of Windows 7 Pro. can only recognize 4gb but the 64 bit can recognize 192gb.
This is my info source: