Updated First Build

Thanks for all the advice guys!  It helped a lot.

So now I updated my build.


As for the case, I need one that is portable because my parents are divorced.

I saw this case 


I don't know if I have to buy a fan with it ?

But maybe you guys know another cheaper case.

Thanks very much for all the replies!

What is this build for? Gaming? Video editing?

Also no. Add a HDD now. You will need the storage trust me. 

What is your overall budget?

Yeah sorry it's for gaming. Im going to add a HDD from an old computer.

My budget is about 1200 euro's. This build is a bit more but I can get some more money. I would like some tips on maybe saving some money but I'd rather spend a bit more than paying less and making the quality worse.

Thanks for helping.



Well first ditch the i7. You don't need it. If you're just gaming or doing light productivity get the i5-4690k. That should save you a bit. 

That motherboard looks kinda meh to me especially if you want to OC. Get an ASUS Z97A. 

You don't need an H105. THey are pricey and meh. Get a Noctua tower aircooler. Should also be cheaper too and do just as good of a job and be quieter. 

You don't need 16GBs of RAM. Get an 8GB kit. You can always add more later that way. Also just go for whatever RAM is cheapest. Speed really doesn't matter.

Good SSD choice. I'd personally go smaller (120GB) and get a 1TB WD Blue HDD. 

GPU is a good choice for 1080p gaming and runs cool and quiet. The whole thing with the VRAM is a little worrying though. It isn't a bad choice but also look at the R9 290.

That PSU is stupidly expensive. You don't need a Platinum PSU. 80+ Bronze is fine. May I suggest the RM series from Corsair. They are decently priced. Gold Certified and the fan doesn't even spin on low load. A 600W unit will be plenty. 

As for a case hmm. IDK. I like the Define R4/5 which can be had with a window as well as the NZXT H440. 

DerKrieger brought up some good points, here's what I recommend. You can add a decent monitor or another hdd if you would like, I recommend the western digital black series.


Looks good to me except the 980 is poo. Lots more than a 970 for a 5-10FPS benefit. So I'd say either R9 290 or 970. No 980.


Hello Joopiedog;

i saw that you allready had a topic open about your first build.


There is basicly no need to open a new thread everytime you have an update in mind, because you can simply edit your topic.

I put lock on your previous thread so you can conteniu in this one. For the next time please keep questions about your upcomming build in one central topic, this makes it easier for other users, but also for your self to follow.

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How about this, now he has room for a great monitor and sixteen gigs of ram.


I agree with DerKrieger with regard to the i7.  I would also ditch the water cooler and just stick with the stock.  8GB of RAM should also be fine, as DerKrieger said you can always buy some more at a later date.  I would have to disagree with DerKrieger regarding the size of the drive though, I think 250GB is best.  I would also go for a Samsung Evo over the Crucial MX100.  Both drives are good but the Evo is better and doesn't cost that much more.  I think you may be able to save some money on the PSU too.  As for a case, have a look at some of Corsair's cases, especially their new ones.  They have a few really nice looking budget cases.  TekSyndicate has a CES '15 video showcasing a few of them, here is the link to the video:


The Fractal Design R5 case has also not long come out.  It is reasonably priced and is a really decent case.  I know because I bought one.

http://pcpartpicker.com/user/deejeta/saved/PsRH99 - large high quality ssd, i5, 290, nice case, 27" IPS monitor

As a general rule with Gigabyte motherboards, if you see a model GA-#%&-D3, instead get the UD3 model (GA-#%&-UD3). They are usually $10 to $20 more and have far better component quality. I always buy Gigabyte motherboards, and this is usually the case. it is especially so with power delivery.

You could go with a cheaper power supply - there are plenty slightly less efficient ones for much cheaper.

As stated before, an i5 will do just fine for gaming.  I'd also consider going for 8GB instead of 16GB of RAM.

I'd consider the NH-D15 for the cooler as well - quiet and performs just about the same.

Thanks man!

Is the R9 290 good or is the GTX 970 better?



Thanks for the advice, I will update my posts from now on. It's much easier.


Oh good! I didn't know that. But now I'm going for the MSI motherboard but thanks for the tip