Updated build! some help!


So all of those parts I have bought already and waiting for them to be shipped. I still don't know what case, power supply, and keyboard to get!

Well the reason I'm doing this post is mainly for what power supply I should buy?

http://www.microcenter.com/product/406089/CX_Series_CX750M_750_Watt_ATX_Modular_Power_Supply is the corsair cx750m good? Also in the future I will either go SLI or just update the one single GPU (most likely just buy a better GPU since SLI can't be stable sometimes) My friend is telling me to go for a 750w psu for future upgrades but I feel its a little overkill if I stick with just one GPU set up and just upgrade the GPU in a year's time.

Also the case. Having a really hard time trying to decide. I dont really like any of the fractal designs because they look so plain to me. http://www.amazon.com/NZXT-Guardian-Tower-Black-921RB-001-BL/dp/B004351H9G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1393715629&sr=8-2&keywords=computer+case

That one looks pretty cool, but reading the comments I think the gpu and cooler might be a tight fit. I just want a case that looks cool, isn't too expensive, has a good cool air set up (quite wouldn't hurt either). The NZXT Phantom 410 cases look sexy, but not sure how good the ventilation and cable management is or if it keeps noise down. It does cost $99 though! I have a $25 gift card from Best Buy, but they only have the white version there :/ Also I need a monitor, maybe I could use the gift card for that but their monitors are more pricey than other places.

For the monitor I'm leaning towards an IPS monitor, unless someone tells me that an LED/LCD would be better?

I will be using this setup for gaming and video editing with adobe premiere ect

I can't seem to grasp why you got an 8350 w/ a 770, but ok, moving on. The CX 750 is an excellent option, but I would personally go with a Seasonic g650. It'll be more reliable (seasonic), more efficient(80+ gold), and it'll save you money on the long run. Even if you run a dual card setup in the future. Oh, and also, I  would go for one of the more modern NZXT chassis' if you like the NZXT styling since the Guardian's not exactly the newest case, so therefore it doesn't have the most ell laid out internals. 

What's wrong with a 770 and a 8350? That's a pretty common setup...

$200 CPU (From amd) with a $350 GPU? Personally, I would go for a CPU with more horsepower like a 4770k, since it'll do a better job in pretty much everything except very thread-heay tasks. And I'm also going to say that I'm no means an intel fanboy. I have built and recommended multiple AMD cpus before.

the 4770k was out of my budget and also amd r9 cards are expensive right now because of the miners -_- so thats why I went with that setup and a lot of other people have that set up as well.

I would like to spend less than $90 on a psu also, not really wanting to go over $1350 on my budget since I also just purchased a monitor. I've read that the corsair cx750m has some weird noise issues so that is why im hesitant to buy it. 

Yeah, maybe ill go for the nzxt phantom 410

if you are video rendering the 8 Core AMD CPU is perfectly fine and pretty good for gaming. and modern titles will benefit if Mantle does kick off as well as the performance benefit is. also like logan has proven multiple times in past videos the 8-Core AMD does much better than the Intel chips in streaming, assuming you plan on doing that in the future as well. and for a GTX 770 it runs all games on ultra will excellent frame-rates and if you can pull of an excellent overclock on the 770 it will jump almost into the stock 780 performance and is pretty okay at 1440p gaming if you turn down the settings a-bit.

if silence is an importance to you it might be worth it to jump on the corsair RM series PSU. they are bloody silent as hell.

nIce! thanks I really do hope I can run all games on ultra haha. The card is OC out of the box, but hopefully I can OC some more as you said.

I've just read that the corsair cx750m have had coil noise issues

depending on how graphically intensive the game is. it runs all games on ultra. probably crysis 3 you would have to turn down the settings a bit. that game still eats GPU for breakfast.

I have a 8350 and a Gtx 770 4gb on a cx750m and I love the setup. I can max any game I play (don't have crisis yet) with ease. I haven't noticed any problems with the cx750m. No coil whine at all.

Nice! I actually went for it and got the cx750m from microcenter. Will be picking it up tomorrow along with the monitor I bought from there. 

I just need the case now. I like the phantom 410 but now I'm rethinking the fractal d4 (windowed) since it is built to not be noisy and looks more professional and well built and its the same price as a phantom 410. 

Both cases are good.  I like Fractal Design's cases, though.

I ended up ordering a Phantom 410 case (white) from amazon. Free shipping and no tax which was weird but whatever flat 99.99 lol.