Updated ASRock BMC, IPMI not working now

Hello all,

I have a ASRock C2550D4I motherboard that has been chugging along in my pfsense router and NAS for a bit now. Haven’t had any issues with it. In fact I think the run time was well over a year, that’s how well things were going. I recently had a power outage and sometimes the web gui for pfsense needs a restart after initial start for some odd reason. Always used the IPMI and the remote desktop viewer function for that. Well finally got sick of the Java issues surrounding the old BMC firmware and I decided to finally get around to updating the firmware. On that board you log into the IPMI web gui and upload the BMC firmware through their web portal. Well something must have gone wrong and now the BMC appears to be bricked. In the BIOS under the BMC section I get an error that says “BMC self test status failed”. Flashed the BIOS and still nothing. Can’t get an IP address when set the BMC setting to DHCP, can’t ping it when I set a static IP. Doesn’t appear to be any other way to flash the BMC? Thought maybe someone here might have an idea of a fix? Thanks!

What version did the BMC originally have?

Early C2550D4i and C2750D4i boards had a BMC firmware bug that could cause the flash memory to die (along with the Avoton C2000 bug that could also kill the CPU).

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