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Updated Arch linux-vfio package

It seems there’s a problem with the i915 VGA Arbiter with Linux 5.3, so the maintainer of the arch package is holding off on updating the pkgbuilds for Linux 5.3.

I don’t need the arbiter, so I’ve built a package for 5.3.5 and I figured some people would be interested as well (considering Nvidia DKMS packages are no longer compatible with 5.2 kernels), so the source package is below.

You can build the package with:

tar -xf linux-fio-5.3.5.arch1-1.src.tar.gz
cd linux-vfio
makepkg -si

linux-vfio-5.3.5.arch1-1.src.tar.gz (62.3 KB)

IMPORTANT: If you need the VGA Arbiter, do not use this package.