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[UPDATE: IT GETS WORSE] Nothing downloads this video, youtube-dl, yt-dlp, nothing

Looks like the issue is worse than we thought. See post 48 and 49.

Looks like we have a video that has eluded all youtube-dl and yt-dlp bugtrackers. Nothing can download this video right now:

What’s curious is it has been encoded in AV1. The browser can decode it after a certain time, (it does not startup immediately) but this could be signs of server side youtube-dl or yt-dlp blocking.

BTW, wondering why youtube-dl is noticeably behind in development? The main dev moved house and has life to deal with:

There’s no way you can speed up that process so we have to move on to use yt-dlp.

youtube-dlc seems to be working okay for me, for that link.
VPN exit in UK

Does it even start for you?

Nope. It gives up after a while and just gives a 101.

yt-dlp should have all critical parts of youtube-dlc included.

[email protected]:~/Downloads$ youtube-dlc
[youtube] xSj6-HxozXc: Downloading webpage
WARNING: Requested formats are incompatible for merge and will be merged into mkv.
[download] Destination: NICE AND EASY _ Ben and Ed #8-xSj6-HxozXc.f299.mp4
[download] 100% of 554.39MiB in 01:54
[download] Destination: NICE AND EASY _ Ben and Ed #8-xSj6-HxozXc.f251.webm
[download] 100% of 14.03MiB in 00:03
[ffmpeg] Merging formats into "NICE AND EASY _ Ben and Ed #8-xSj6-HxozXc.mkv"
Deleting original file NICE AND EASY _ Ben and Ed #8-xSj6-HxozXc.f299.mp4 (pass -k to keep)
Deleting original file NICE AND EASY _ Ben and Ed #8-xSj6-HxozXc.f251.webm (pass -k to keep)

my VPN is not god at evading geoblocking (I can’t use it for foreign Netflix etc…)

So I would say give -dlc a go (but it’s your life. You do you)

Just tried it, same problem. Nothing works.

New pipe works.

Don’t give up hope, it worked for me.

If you just installed stuff, maybe update and reboot?

wait do these test downloads add to the view count?
Is this all an elaborate con by FJ to make the stream look popular? /s

It’s doing this on two machines. That’s not a coincidence for one machine being misconfigured.

Could it be ISP related or.somewhere between YouTube and you blocking it on legal reasons or some other crazy, just guessing here

Nope, because the BROWSER loads the video fine. Multiple of them. It somehow is only denying connections to youtube-dl and it’s forks.

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what’s the error it’s giving you?

Interesting. For what it is worth New Pipe was over mobile data as I was driving home.

and did you try a re-stream / alt / taken copy

NICE AND EASY | Ben and Ed #8 - YouTube

in case the original is blocked from evil Chinese ISP’s?

I was going to suggest this too but in think the challenge might be more perplexing than the actual videos is.

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Interestingly, if I fetch from a invidious instance, I can get the stream.

No, I’m on Telus now.

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what about, instead of new pipe (I don;t know what that is anyway) one were to stream the YT vid to VLC, then record the VLC stream?

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Is this a different ISP, and more trustworthy?

In which case Yay! glad you got it changed. IIRC, your pop was the main hold out

Newpipe is just a better YouTube app for phones with stuff like background play, locked screen play and downloading and stuff.

Gotcha. Thanks.
I thought it sounded like a down-loady thing for offline playing, but sounds Much more versatile!