Update error - is it safe to ignore/disable Medibuntu?


I'm on Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12.04) and I've been having an issue updating my system. Specifically, I've been getting a "No Address associated with Hostname" error. I've searched around, and found this was a common problem. However, the common solution is to adjust the network settings to change the DNS server. My internet connection is perfectly fine. So, following linked threads, which in turn, linked to more threads, I've finally stumbled upon this in a launchpad bug report:

After running apt-get update multiple times, I've noticed that i only get that error with medibuntu.


what updates are hosted on Medibuntu, and is it safe to ignore/disable from my sources?

Medibuntu is a discontinued repository, that's probably why you're having issues. It's perfectly safe to disable it.