Upcoming new MMORPG with failing kickstarter

Hey guys, so a few weeks ago someone named ThinMatrix put the indie game he has been working on for three years on kickstarter, and it hasn't been going so well. I have been following the project for a year now, and it looks amazing, I encourage you guys to check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1465468930/socuwan-the-community-driven-indie-mmorpg. Also, this guy deserves it, he quit his well paying job to work on the game full time and is running out of money. And even as hard as he has been working on the project, he still managed to fit in time to make tutorial videos for noobs like me to learn graphical programming. He puts a lot of effort into everything he does and for me, it is really sad because this is/was the communities chance to give back to him, but instead people are putting him down for ridiculous things like using his own engine. So if you have money to spare, I would really encourage you to go check out the kickstarter, thanks for reading (:


It is actually interesting MMO. I don't see anything bad about having its own engine. Would probably donate, if I wasn't in financial difficulties.

I hate to see MMO's do great during development but when it comes to cost it ruins the project causing the MMO to be buried for another century or longer.... HOPEFULLY it gets funded!