Upcoming Linux Channel Vids - Want Input

The list looks good, and I do appreciate covering system maintenance. It's something I haven't seen many delve into.

With regards to DNS are you planning on going the self hosted method? If so is there a particular daemon you plan on using? I didn't see anything on the YUNoHost list of official apps. My personal experiences have been with bind and PowerDNS using the PostgreSQL and SQLite backends, and with the PowerDNS PostgreSQL backend I have used PowerAdmin to manage domains via web interface.

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Write well?

@Wendall. Yes, more linux. Yes, Firewall. Anything desktop oriented is good. Do everything in Ubuntu-Gnome :)


Two weeks after windows 10 came out I switched over to Linux. I PREFER Linux over windows, it's just sad to see so much of the money I spent on games go down the toilet, but at the end of the day Microsoft pushed me over the edge and if game developers want my money, they will have to make it for Linux as well


Where did you see this?

it would be interesting to see a series that is start to finish network set-up.

servers - mail - thin clients etc/firewall/install/network layout etc (know you have listed some of these things), to see them in isolation would be less useful to the 'newb' than an a to b guide through the whole process which gives scope and explains how they are connected/affect one another more.

You can add more things to that network over time and show how that affects it/changes that have to be made etc

as is obvious i am a 'newb'


he has a public chest and a private one -the masses are not yet ready for the power these will unleash.

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It would behoove a lot of new to linux persons indeed. There are some very simple concepts and things that I still do not know, but do know they are something which must be learned on my own. One of the bigger things keeping me from Linux overall is the variety of distro options, which obviously is based on the individual, games, and certain windows specific applications. Games I know can be forced to work with WINE, but the experience is not as fluid as windows, especially with iffy graphics drivers. And in terms of applications, I get that there are alternatives, but they often are not as refined or intricate as the windows counterparts. Finding a way to help overcome this I think would do wonders towards opening the door to Linux for many, and I know it will not be a simple doing.

I hope for the best for your series Wendall and the entirety of the TEK community

Absolutely support this, and am loving the life that Patreon is breathing back into Tek Syndicate. I am particularly interested in the "How to be a hacker" content, as his website has held my attention since the beginning of college when I was introduced to his content by a friend. His HOW TO's are so intriguing as to draw me back in for the 3rd- 4th complete reread, especially "So You Want To Be A Wizard? (The Loginataka)" . Reading through that has made me completely flip the direction I'm taking, and if more is to come of this I would be ecstatic.


When I did it to my self..

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As someone who has one of those ISP, it would be interesting to get some insight here, even if it's just a general overview with a bunch of wiki links for further reading. Honestly though all the ideas listed above have me excited! Focusing on things Linux does well would be a happy diversion from the whole 'linux replacing windows' debate.


A general introduction covering core concepts of networking would be a good place to start before moving onto some of the other ideas listed. Unnecessary for some, preemptive troubleshooting for others.

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Well, if you @wendell are going "all out" to even include ownCloud and Zerobin and Dokuwiki and stuff - I think the only thing missing from this list of "how to make your own fluffy cloud server" would be running your own IM service (i.e. Jabber/XMPP) to really round things up (yes, I know there is Telegram which outbeats Hangouts/Whatsapp/whatever-other-lousy-IM-app but their server component is not FOSS)... TinyTinyRSS (to have an alternative to junk like feedly) should be part of ownCloud anyway (or at least easy to integrate).

Other than that it looks like a solid series.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything outside windows. However being at a young and moldable age I feel that I can become more adept at using Linux after watching your informative videos on the Linux channel. That being said I would love a nod towards the inept non Linux users. Thank you Wendell.

I have actually been wanting to really switch, but not in the half hearted I still run windows in bual boot, in the fullest sense.

I want a home email server under my name, my domain all that jazz. My owncloud. My own nas. My own home streaming set up. The works. But with so many options and pit falls it has never been easy. I don't expect or even want a drop in replacement, I like getting into it but the this is I have 1 PC to screw around in really. Well 2 but one is a near decade old dell with a pentium 4 the other is my main gaming PC and I don't want that out of commission.

That is all that limits my options right now, wellt hat and money.

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My own doors on these highlights:
Linux – Your Own Personal Cloud/Server Series

I have spent much time on SmartOS "Cloud in a Box" ...more later

Introduction – Why do this?
Where to Host - Amazon EC2 β€œFree” tier, Linode VM, Host on Raspberry Pi2, Local Virtual Machine, etc.
What to Host On - Introducing Debian 8

converting to zones
now dockers.... must i never settle?

Security – Fear Everything, especially the Reaper. Also more Cowbell.

used to run the security club on campus, attack and defend, built up an armory of documents, but with security i have always just baked up new ones.... Would rather follow then lead though, unless I found.

What can we do immediately?
- Domain & DNS
- Email & Roundcube Webmail

Into old fashioned base configurations... round cube is nice, no issue easy user conversions, I really like mailpile

  • SSL with Let’s Encrypt (finally ready!!!)
  • Introducing YUNoHost.org – managing that stuff made easy
  • Owncloud – Dropbox Altenative for Music/Pictures/etc.

cool, done some fun things here

  • Dokuwiki – Your own Personal Wikipedia
  • Wallabag – Your own bookmarks sync/save-for-later app
  • Zerobin – your own pastebin
  • Searx – your own meta search engine
  • OpenVPN – host your own VPN endpoint

    enjoy the alternate wifi hosting with routing to a dedicated openvpn to X and main router to a more latency friendly Y
    the ssid of X is something like passwordissame and the password is the same, wpa2 no cross talk (tight firewall) = FUN!

Handling Backups....

legacy platforms (Window, OSX UGH) used many, fell in love with bacula, set that up in many mixed environments.
ran smartOS often, smartOS is a drag because of hardware (OpenIndiana), but after 20 years, I finally started with the still troublesome problem (data backup) as the key reason to run something; ran square into zfs. While trouble reduced and reduced with each of my progressions, smartos just picked up the peices that were still laying around. Many intense setups of this in very technical dependent environments... Now i live on an island in boarder line 3rd world country status. ALSO FUN!


I can help write if needed; Whilst writing I need a clear direction. I can write the details once I complete the clear direction. I am also capable of filling in the gaps.
On this list I have been running or ran at some time 98% of this. Love the idea. Used to write small buisness build out templates and deploy them.
I also would like to propose the 'progression of a neck beard' series as:
"Early Neck Beard: Your First Hairs"
no mad...there is my own aspiration in there, I swear.


I would do Yunohost first then, Owncloud and then Kolab/Roundcube with the Owncloud plugins. Show how services, software and the OS are all interconnected.

To follow the overall theme of this: how about some ebook (and maybe other media) servers?
Hosting my own library is definitely on my list. :)

+1 to this.

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@wendell You could speak for years on this topic and not get through it all, but one word is too much. Seriously great idea, but I fear it's going to be like the money pit. "two weeks more, two weeks more" Hopefully the community can help. I've been a user of Ubuntu and now Mint for over 7 years now as my main system because I like to break stuff and hack on it, so I get exactly what you're saying. I just don't know where you start and what the general knowledge level of your audience is. I can't wait to see the videos and I'm excited to break an EC2 instance somewhere instead of my desktop. I'm very interested in learning how to RYO storage, media, messaging, e-mail server.

For me as a personal user it was setting up the desktop. Google searches come back with links several years old. I got through it but most wont.

This is part of why the linux channel has been quiet lately. It takes some careful planning when you've got to digest an elephant.