Upcoming Build

Alright guys, I will be building myself a gaming(mostly) pc relatively soon (aiming for end of February or beginning of March). This will be my first build from scratch. I have been working on multiple builds but I am confident I have narrowed most of the parts down. The build does kind of have a theme and most of the parts reflect a certain color scheme I'm going for which is black/blue. I am looking for confirmation/minor suggestions.


The CPU is a certainty but the mobo is open to suggestions of the current's price range.

The cooler is going to be a Swiftech H220 and is listed in the custom category as it is set to release at the end of February.

The RAM is open to suggestions and I know the price is slightly high but it fits the look and doesn't have a huge heatsink, which is a personal choice.

Storage is definitely open to suggestion. The SSD was going to have the OS and a few of the games I have that require constant loading screens (Skyrim etc.) The HDD I picked is going to be for a couple easy loading games and basically junk (documents and such).

The case is the Phantom 410 (black) and is a must, again for personal preference.

GPU is open to suggestion.

PSU is open to suggestion. OS and optical drive are not, I like and prefer win7.

If you took the time to read everything, thanks. The budget is between $1400 and $1500 but prefer to stay near the middle for a base total. Monitor, keyboard and mouse are already taken care of but I will be purchasing extra case fans (already know which ones) and the budget here does not include those.





you should at least change the ram. I changed the psu mb and ram. the asus mb is very good but so is the ud3 there very close to each other. i changed the case to a 410 with a window side panal. I dont know if you didn't want one. the case with a window is $10 cheaper.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zEx8 and with a very good mb

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! I definitely will look them over.