Upcoming AMD Kaveri thoughts?

Are you guys excited for the upcoming Kaveri architecture and APU's from AMD, expectations? Thoughts? 


I'd love me a piece of that HSA action.

I might even sell my i7 for one of those.

Lo and behold, kaveri, the destroyer of consoles!


Hopefully people can see past their fanoboyism to purchase these instead of intel/nvidia low-end builds. Also looking forwards to kaveri laptops, hope they have a laptop version that can do this.





Still wont make me give up my desktop cpu.

I really don't understand not continuing desktop 'enthusiast' CPUs. If Steamroller actually has ~30% better IPC even the 6-core configs would be mad hats. The 8-cores could easily stomp i7s then, and the gap in terms of single-threaded performance would be much smaller.

Perhaps there were thermal issues w/ 6-8 core configs on the 28nm process? Not like its a huge jump from 32nm though

Yep, and given DDR4 arriving in 2014Q4 haswell-E and 2015 Broadlake, socket AM3+ has at least one generation left in it.  A steamroller 8350 with 30% increased IOPS and 4.7Ghz frequency would have a comparable pcmark score to the 3930k/4930k.

Then my thinking is that a node shrink to 22nm (increasing transistor counts) and excavator architecture could probably sustain another 30% increase, with another after that with a shrink to 16nm when it is mature if they worked hard and could manage to sustain high frequencies. By that stage intel would be on 10nm.

I absolutely love APU's and think that if Kaveri comes out with a decent price for their A8s and A10s then it will be a perfect spot for people to build budget PCs and game on those instead of buying PS4s or Xbox Ones. However it really hit me as BS when I realized that FM2+ (Kaveri) would not work on FM2 boards. So I was planning to upgrade one of my Trinity PCs to Kaveri but now I have to replace the motherboard as well. Damn

I do believe I will be using the Kaveri 8 core top end APU and using dual graphics with whatever graphics card it will be compatible with. Anyone know if it'll be equal to an HD 7850 or 7870?

When was an 8-core Kaveri announced?


What we need is more desktop processors. If they made an "FX16550" (16 core FX) using a similar architecture they could take over the universe.

more like a 7750 in crossfire.