Up Scaling to 4k

Hello, I recently bought a 4k monitor and some games will not run at that resolution. So I change the resolution to 1440p or 1080p, but the PPI stays the same so there are these black bars all around a smaller image. Is there a way to up scale that to 4k?

Did ya check your GPU driver's control panel for underscan/overscan options?

I have, but I'm not sure what to do in it.

I'm using the Nvidia control panel

Just play with your settings until you find something that works, there also may be something in your monitors control as well.

Though you could just run the games at 1440p and fullscreen them couldn't you?

That's what I do, but it is literally 1440p on my screen, so it's a small window with black edges.

Thought you were changing your desktop resolution to 1440p, well I wouldn't know to go from there then, never seen that happen.

Though what size is your 4k? 32"+ seems to be the way to go.

wait you are trying to play a game at 1440p when the monitor aspect ratio is at 4K??

I have the Dell UP3214Q


Why not just run those games windowed?

Because it's tinny.

I wouldn't think 1440p would be all that small, just scoot the monitor closer to you. Otherwise you'll just have to look into forcing higher resolutions from those games.

Or just turn your monitor portrait and use it essentially as 2 1080p displays.

Check the settings on your display not your graphics driver.

I tried that, but there was nothing in there.

too bad you're not using amd

its that easy

hue hue hue,

here's something that should help you:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWvEXn04zEk I would think changing the scaling mode to full screen would fix this problem, but it doesn't seem to want to work. Any ideas?

no clue - looks ?bugged?

still you can use this

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display and set custom size.

I would download an older version, but the game I'm trying to do this with is the Witcher 3...

then this is no place... look in 3d options. . .

i thought you wanted change settings for windows desktop.