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Unusual USB3 connectors

Recently purchased, for a very minimal sum, an Asus ROG Strix GD30CI demo case. Initially thought there was no connectors in it, but, all the front panel connectors are there. That’s the good. Bad: Somehow, ASUS had these connecting to the motherboard via 4 specially marked SATA ports. Anyone seen this before/know of possible adapters? Or am I going to be practicing my soldering skills? So far no luck on google/ebay/ASUS website. Am I wrong in thinking these wouldn’t work in just a normal SATA port? My research so far shows they wouldn’t. Thank you for any help.
In uncovering the daughter board with the connectors on it, they were under a metal box fastened with screws on the case, the connections are SATA on that end too. Including a picture for reference showing the connector on the daughter board.

The cables look like standard SATA cable as well.

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