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Unsure if motherboard will work with new case


Hi all,

I currently have the 970A SLI Krait Edition motherboard ( that I am looking to put into a new case.

The case I am looking at is the Cooler Master MC550M (

I am wondering if the board will work with this case, as in the front USB ports and the fan controller. I know the board will fit in the case.

If someone could help me out that would be great as I am looking to pick-up the case in a couple of days.


All I/O headers you may need are present (USB3.0 onboard, USB2.0 onboard).
Only “problem” is that the board only has 2 case fan headers, wich can be solved with a Y-splitter like this.
Like you said, the form factor is supported aswell.

I don´t see any reason it should not work.


Well, the case have Type C, that he won’t be able to use, but other than that - yeah, it’s all fine…


CMs website is such a mess, I missed that…


It really is… Looking at the pictures I think it also have a fan controller, so he may not even need to use the motherboard headers.

My main issue with that case is the airflow though…
That front have a small cut on the top and tiny little cut on the bottom and nothing on the side. The airflow is awful. And he runs AM3+ system - a notoriously hot componentry…