Unstable PC

Hi Guys,

I finally scrapped enough cash to do long overdue upgrade.
My last PC was Intel i5-4670K, 16 GB RAM on AsRock Z97 Extreme 4.

New parts:

  • Ryzen 7 5700X
  • AsRock B550M Steel Legend (latest BIOS L2.62)
  • 4x16 GB Kingston Fury Renegade 3600 CL16 (specs)

When I load XMP profile it loads fine.
I can boot both Windows and Linux.
System seems stable, can play for hours.
Problem occurs when I reboot from any OS Linux or Windows.
System closes down, screen goes black and Post Status Checker diodes on MB light up and remain on.

I need to press and hold power button to do hard reset.
After that system can boot up and work with XMP profile 3600 CL16.

What would @wendell do?

I chose 3600 MT RAM as I read it is the sweet spot for Ryzen 5000.
Wanted no drama and stable system cause I got ZFS pool in it.
Do I need to go down to 3200 MT?

Diagnostics to run:

  • Memtest
  • Memtest with just 2 sticks of RAM
  • Memtest with 1 stick of RAM

Played a bit more and PC is not stable even with JDEC RAM profile 2400 MT.
Temps are ok.
Keeps crashing in games. Died in Firefox once.
No idea where to look or how to debug.
How do I narrow it down? Maybe RAM is ok?

All tips welcomed!

Run Memtest86+ for a long time

What brand/model PSU do you have?

Try with just 1 stick of RAM

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Experience has taught me that stibility issues are mostly caused by power delivery. You don’t mention what PSU you are using? Are you using the one from your previous system?


Both of these +1

Try to use only 2 sticks memory and report back the results.

Thank you so much for your help!
I was away on weekend will continue further testing after work this evening.

Answering @FunnyPossum’s I used PSU from my previous build. Unit I have is SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold 750W. It’s smaller brand that might not sell in the US.

Another thing is I used only ATX12V1 (8 pin) there is also ATX12V2 (4 pin) on my montherboard.
When I plugged the 4 pin, PC was taking crazy long to POST.
Would video help?

Also to take out the RAM I will have to remove CPU cooler.
Question: is there a chance that I did screw CPU cooler too tight and that is the root cause?

Under light load (Doom, web browsing) PC is fine for long time.
Doom Eternal is bringing it to it’s knees.
When it crashed I could still hear in game music playing, screen was full of graphic artifacts, but I could see windows cursor moving. PC was responding to keyboard as well, tried to reboot it but then it died. Hope those details are useful for debug and I’m not introducing too much noise in the info.

Thanks for your time folks.
It’s been I while since I built any PC :slight_smile:

Memtest with all 4 dimms passed.

You don’t happen to have a spare PSU do you? It would be high on my list to try out

I really doubt that’s the issue

Nope :frowning: and I need to wait for the paycheck to buy one.

Got a buddy you can borrow one from just to test out?

Also check ALL your power connectors / connections!

Just had my parents home theater receiver start acting up and the power plug had started to work it’s way out. Not badly but it seems to have fixed the issue for the moment.