Unreal Tournament 4 Pre Alpha (open)

The infrastructure that compiles Unreal Tournament [4] is live, and has been for around a year or something. I feel like no one knows about this game, the servers are dead as hell. I think even in the state it's in now it's extremely fun, and free. Has anyone else tried it? Did everyone get tired of it already or does no one know about it yet?



I tried it and while I admit it is fun, I think that the community need to somehow advertise it or spread it out. What I have noticed is that Arena Shooters are less and less attractive to new generation of gamers, so it'll take quite some effort for the community to attract new bloods.

This will be a very difficult task, strong shooter titles like CSGO (undoubtedly the strongest title in FPS), BF and even CoD appeals to many.

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Just got done playing because there wasn't enough people. :(

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It's been available to play for over a year or so now, even at a pre(intentional) pre alpha point. Some of the maps were stripped down, but the gameplay was there. It's stupid amounts of fun.

Absolutely. I've not seen this game spread out any other way. I don't see it on websites, in magazines, etc. Me and anoher guy mentioned it in the Is the FPS genre dying? thread and there many there who hadn't seen it before.

It'd be nice to see it on Steam, not so that it can be incorporated into the Steam way of things, but so that it's more accessible.

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Not to hijack but I was recently watching this.

It is not enough, Tribes Ascend has been on Steam for quite sometime already, and yet we do not see the game reaching 10% of the player count of CS. This is something Valve/Steam cannot assist, there is a need for the games' top players to stream or produce video in the form of guides, let newer players understand what they are playing etc etc.

It is too similar to previous titles to attract players to it. People stopped playing previous UT because mechanics got old, not because graphics were dated.

There needs to be a killer mod that changes things up to attract a large population.

How large is the download file right now? I was thinking of checking it out but don't want to bother if it's something dumb like 30GB.

I think you're always going to struggle against the player count of CS. CS is one of those shooters that's not moved much from its point on the podium.

I partly agree in the sense that Valve can't help, but by just having the game on Steam opens up another avenue for the game to be found. As seen in this thread, and the other one I linked, so few people know about it. Having that extra source helps I imagine.

(I can't say for the numbers of Quake Live, but does anyone know the difference that made after it was moved to Steam, other than the price?)

I'm fully on board with getting the players to do the work. I'm far from a top player, but it doesn't hurt to get everyone on the job haha.

I play it quite often ^.^ Loving it. It still has the frag feel imo, plays really fun. We alternate between this and 2004 with my friends :)

Not really sure but i'd guess at most 15GB, likely around 10GB.

I'll hop on once I finish my arch install.

Its installed but I rarely play. For 1 its been in alpha for over a year. For 2 I can't compete with the small player base of more skilled players. Game usually starts I get a killing spree with flak cannon since its the first thing i get. Loose flak cannon die several times after. Get rockets get 2 or 3 kills die several times. The games pretty much me dieing several times till I get the rocket launcher or flak cannon. Knowing the maps would help me out immensely but I can't be motivated to learn the maps with the state the games in. EPIC needs to get real on finishing up the game if they want people to play. i think its getting to the point ut2004 has more players. Put the game in beta promote it and give some incentive to play and it will live.

you know i never really knew about this game until someone posted it randomly in the lounge a while ago, i was just under the impression that UT was dead and never getting another game there's never any ad's for this game at all, spreading the news about it through word of mouth/word of typing will definitely help populate it though, a lot of people still wanna play arena shooters and its a hell of a lot better than the new doom game lol

I really like the game. I've started playing it since Quake live became p2p and I decided to switch my arena shooters.

So far it's an extremely twitchy and fast gameplay. Movement system takes time to get used to but it becomes easy After a few days of matches.

I have to say tho I keep playing with the same people and hard to improve because everyone plays on he same level as you do.

Wish there was more duel encouragement.

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From what I remember it's like 10GB