Unreal 4 help ( building a roof )

Hello everyone :)

Yesterday I bought Unreal 4 and started to build a house but ended up getting stuck on how to make a basic house roof. So, my question is... does anyone know how to make a triangle brush in U4 for the sides then whatever shape I need to make for the front and back

all tutorial links will be highly appreciated.

-thanks in advance.

Just a word of advice man.. do NOT model in Unreal.. use blender or Z brush or 3dsmax. Modeling in unreal is time consuming and limited. trust me man take the time to learn blender or something. its well worth it. You can make complicated shapes easily in a modeling program....Just my 2 cents

yeah... online theres websites that you can visit and pay a month fee of about 37.5 USD and  ... you can learn 3d modeling skills in about 14hrs.. and then with some practice lets say that in 150hrs you can model decent clean models ready for  export... ... ..  and its really good to learn a lot of things.  
just look for them .. i would say the link tothem directly but im dont want to break any forum rules and i dont know if in this kind of topic its cool to say it ..