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Unraid VM Help

I am new at using unraid and I am trying to set up my first windows 10 VM. I have hit an error that I cannot figure out how to get past. I added a R7 240 to my unraid system and it shows up on the VM setup. I can use it fine to install windows and get windows basically up and running. However, once I try to install the AMD driver for the graphics the screen goes black and the system locks up. On restart the vm it locks up on the splash screen for the vm ware and never makes it to windows. I have tried reinstalling a few times, completely deleting the vm and recreating a fresh vm, and the error continues to occur. I can’t seem to see a work around to keep the system from locking. Am I missing something?

I am running a supermicro X9DRT-HF in a 6027TR-DTRF. bios up to date. Using unraid 6.7.2

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First, have you verified the card is fully working directly in windows outside of an unraid VM? It’s possible the card is only functioning with basic drivers and once the 3D drivers load there’s a problem. This could indicate a hardware or vbios issue. If you can find a vbios for your card online, you could try loading it and see if that corrects the issue.

Also, if this is your primary and only GPU in the system you will want to load a vbios file anyway but it doesn’t sound like this is your issue since you say you are working with the GPU in windows until the driver loads.

Secondly, did you also passthrough the audio portion of the GPU along with it? I know at least on some Nidia setups, the drivers can refuse to work properly if you don’t pass through both devices. I’ve not personally had this issue with an AMD card before but it can’t hurt to check.

Third, can you recover the VM by switching it to using NoVNC driver without passthrough to get it to boot?

Thanks for your thoughts. I think I figured out how to get it to work. I switched the machine from i440fx to Q35 and everything worked perfectly. drivers installed without a problem through windows normal update and the video card is now correctly recognized.