Unraid - issues with Crushftp, help/advice needed

I am in the process of setting up my new Unraid server, I’m not very experienced with it so please bear with me as I am sure I am leaving some details out that you will need

I am trying to transfer data from my old QNAP Nas to this new Unraid NAS and I was going to use FTP.
I had this working before Christmas but one of the drives died before I could finish and I had to buy a couple of new drives and start again so I put it on the long finger over the holidays.

I was using Crushftp last time to ftp the files across so when I went to start the process this time I attempted the same but I was clearly tired so when logging in I typed in the wrong password and seems that the ip address has been banned. I have tried removing the app and starting again but still says the same thing. Anyone know how to reset this?

Try in the “Never Ban these IPs” putting your whole home in IP range in and restarting the service.

So lets say you you an IP of, then put in “192.168.0.*” for the never ban, save, and restart the service.

Is that a plugin/app or is it a setting within Crushftp?

This should be it, is CrushFTP in the QNAP app store?

No, not on QNAP. There is no other FTP software but their own actually but its Crushftp on Unraid that I was using and its that one that has banned my IP

Sorry, just to make it clear, it was Crushftp on Unraid that has banned my IP and as I cant get into it I cant change any settings. Looking for a way to reset that log or completely wipe the docker but every time I remove it and re-install it, it remembers and I still cant get in

And to make clear also, I had all this working through Crushftp before Christmas and all of the data (well 95% about 10tb) until the drive died spectacularly and I cant rebuild it as I had not set up parody yet as I was waiting for the data to copy over to release one of the QNAP drives for that job (I know I know but sure look it happens)

Are you not able to get into the crushftp settings from the local machine?