[Unofficial] METAL Recommendation Thread (Are you Looking for METAL?)

Any of you like these guys? I am really liking this.


Can anyone recommend me some metal with clean vocals? I am trying to find bands that I like, but so far I have only really found Castle, The Foreshadowing, and Three Inches of Blood (my favorite out of the three).

Here's what i think you'll like with the strong vocal clean vocal style

Judas Priest - Hellrider


King Diamond - Abigail


Arcturus - Master of Disguise (Side Note: Bless our Lord and Savior ICS Vortex)


Mirrorthrone - So Frail (if you like a mix between black metal and a clean vocal style)


Iced Earth - Pure Evil


Kamelot - March of Mephisto


I have found many, many good bands from the recommendations in this thread. My favorite time of year is near the New Year, when peopel start posting their albums of the year lists. So much good stuff to be found.


When are we not?

This here is one of my favourite clouds:


Hey guys. I am very new to metal and would like to listen to a new genre. Are there any kind of bands for a newbie like me to transition to? I'm aware there are more sub-genres of Metal than there are genre of music.

Start with Black Sabbath or Dio or Metallica and just work your way up. Or you could start with bands like old Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil or Of mice and men and work your way up from that side.









This depends on what kind of music you like already. There's folk metal, there's folk metal with death metal vocals, black metal, power metal, death metal, symphonic metal, etc. If you like symphonic music with clean female vocals check out Nightwish; Epica has good symphonic metal too but they have some pretty harsh male vocals too. If you like fantasy themed stuff with dragons and gods and whatnot then check out hammerfall, blind guardian, ensiferum, amon amarth, tyr, and edguy. Eluveitie makes good folk metal. Nightwish dabbles in folk metal. idk, spotify is great for trying out and finding new bands because it gives you recommendations based on what you listen to.

TL;DR pirate metal is the best metal

So here we go, can somebody throw me some good death(I think) metal?

Similar to Insomnium, Persefone, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ne Obliviscaris, Falluja and the always wonderful Amon Amarth.

Have you missed these?



I do enjoy Bodom, although I remember not liking Arch Enemy a while back but I'm digging War Eternal, did they get a new vocalist?

About the vocalist yeah, Angela Gossow quit vocals and is currently the manager I think. This new one is Alissa White-Gluz

Then there's Graveworm with their awesome covers


And Dark Tranquillity


Ah those vocals are getting a bit too high pitched for me, I'm more of a low growl kinda guy. 

Low growl? Hmm these are from the top of my mind

Dying Fetus (best name ever)




I'll leave these here




















Sounds like you're just listing your favorite bands from one genre. Like he's gonna be able to jump from not metal into some obscure genre!!

The bands I primarily listen to are Before the Dawn, Soilwork, Persefone, and Mercenary. I highly recommend all of them. This post is about to get wordy. But I'm hoping I'll convince some people to give any of these bands a try.



Before the Dawn was a solo project founded back in 1999 by Tuomas Saukkonen. I absolutely love the music he produced for it, especially the album Soundscape of Silence. To me, one of the most notable characteristics is the prominent use of acoustic guitars. He incorporates it very well, and gives it a folk metal feeling. It really evokes a certain indescribable feeling. Deathstar Rising is another fantastic album (The Wake and Wraith are two of my favorite tracks ever) Unfortunately, the older albums are rather difficult to obtain without dropping some dough. Unless you live in Europe, I guess. Deathstar Rising is like $6 on Nuclear Blast though; a total fucking steal for such amazing music.

Unfortunately, Saukkonen ceased the project (along with some others) after the album "Rise of the Phoenix" in 2012, and moved on to a new project titled "Wolfheart," which has more of a gothic feel to it I guess. Not really that surprising considering Rise of the Phoenix was the same way and doesn't really feel like Before the Dawn whatsoever. I was pretty much devastated when I found out he was disbanding it. I swear, I almost cried.



(Posted a playlist of the entire double-album "The Living Infinite")

I've been listening to Soilwork since 2005 when I was only 14. They've been around much longer, but they're pretty much my go-to band for recommending to anyone who wants a new band to listen to. They have several albums which all have a unique sound and feel to them, while maintaining Soilwork's aggressive style. Their latest double-album The Living Infinite is a truly epic accomplishment for the band (and the EP they released recently is great too), and they're even writing another album which the founder is confident will top The Living Infinite. A lot of the older fans hate what Soilwork has become, but they're just being ridiculous if you ask me. The fans want more of the same, while Soilwork is dedicated to progressing further in their career while trying to develop their music more and more along the way; and they're doing just that. To me, anyone who likes metal can enjoy Soilwork, unless they prefer something like black metal.



Mercenary is one of the most unique bands I've listened to. They blend thrash metal and power metal astoundingly well, but they may not be for everyone. I was a bit reluctant when I first dove in to their music head first, but I grew to really love their work. The album "Architect of Lies" is insanely brutal and heavy, while being remarkably melodic. The vocals are insane in that album. "The Hours That Remain" has a few incredibly epic tracks in it (Lost Reality; holy shit it is absolutely awesome). And their older work, like the album "Everblack" would appeal to anyone who loves Slayer (their band name was actually inspired by lyrics from the Slayer song "Ghosts of War") The only downside is that the lead vocalist and a few other people left the band a while back and now it almost feels like an entirely different band. The last two albums they've put out with the new lead vocalist could easily be mistaken for a different band if you didn't know any better. They're still good, don't get me wrong, but they're just not the same anymore.



There's nothing to dislike about this band. Honestly. Their latest album is amazing from start to finish. It literally takes you on a fucking journey and at the end you feel different about life in general. No other band I've listened to has done that to me. Just listen to that whole album above then try and tell me it isn't absolutely epic.


Ok so that's a big enough post if you ask me. I don't listen to a ton of metal, so I can't recommend much else. Maybe Heaven Shall Burn if you want some really heavy stuff that focuses on anti-war sentiments and fighting propaganda and corrupt organized religion and shit. Epic lyrics, but for some reason the mastering of their albums always bugged me. It sounds washed out and overly bright or something. Plus they completely overdo the vocals by repeatedly layering it until it sounds like a demon chorus. Meh.

I can usually can listen to almost anything except country and gospel. Open minded to listen to different things but I would probably start with Metallica, Dio and Tyr.

so much good stuff here! Both old and new.

I found thees the other day.

Melodic death metal from Netherlands