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[Unofficial] [defunct] [intermittent revival] Minecraft Creative Server



No worries me your welcome


Shes back online


It 4 AM I am going to be now,.


LOL gardens are finished and yes you can see them from your place


server is kill






@kewldude007 my. Bad.... Its when I render dynmap that she dies

She will be up in a minute


@kewldude007 @rand0mpcstuffs @Zibob @SpaceCat @Alamar @Dje4321 @Meow_Mix_Please @sarhatabaot @ninja85a

and anyone else i may have forgotten..

The IP is just gonna be an IP

Id like to preface this with ASUS you guys are being dicks discontinuing your free service. I mean we paid for your routers.. wtf? like seriously..


cant connect


have you tried the IP method or the no ip method?




try again.. others were successful






G to the fucking G @kewldude007


lag caught up I guess


yup she is auto restarting


Guys we have an important decision to make.

We need to decide on an update or release cycle. With minecraft now at 1.10

( )

Its becoming tough to keep the current world updated with what it comes. Mojang recommends in order to enjoy all of the wonderful features of the coming updates to erase and start a new each time

I would like to find a nice harmony between that or if the server users are comfortable with me copying and saving their schematics we can erase it and create the world again a new for new exploration and tinkering.

Even if we did do that I need a release schedule so I am calling on all of you to put your ideas forth now so that they maybe voted on

@kewldude007 @rand0mpcstuffs @Zibob @SpaceCat @Alamar @Dje4321 @Meow_Mix_Please @sarhatabaot @ninja85a

I love all of the stuff that was built ... There are other options such as keeping the world and running a multiworld server and just making the new world with the new generator and then just keeping tons of worlds around. IDK

I need help whos up for discussion ?


muh flag