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[Unofficial] [defunct] [intermittent revival] Minecraft Creative Server



Everything is looking good folks. Might try to hop on this weekend if I get some time. I'm hesitant to join MC servers these days as this would be like the 10th time I would start building stuffs on a new server. Usually I build some things and then the server gets scrapped or something :D

Is there creative mode access? I mainly just like to build things.


Yes check the perms above.. you will be in the Wizard Category. If all stays well this server will stay up indefinitely.. i wont scrap it.. hell i went through hell to make it stable and keep it up to date.. so yeah LOL

I do need to do a map back up though

Im aiming to change all of that @Alamar and get a solidly long term stable one up here that stays up to date


Too close?
Too far?




killed it




Haha I even felt it coming lol


nuked it from orbit eh?


imma guess you tried a perfectly symmetrical garden x4 or something lol


too much flower power



Basically I need to tweak async world edit she is coming back just wait


She's back




Gosh darn it @kewldude007 I need help... Read up on async world edit and find a setup for say 6 gb of memeory


bruh I just make shit


Fair enough.. Im just trying to find a way to make sure queuing works.. Sorry for the crashes.. Im working hard here haha


That little problem aside
The server runs stupidly well thanks for setting it up for us


No problem.. It is going down for a bit because I am backing up the world files so nobody loses anything


You da Real MVP. No seriously thanks.