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[Unofficial] [defunct] [intermittent revival] Minecraft Creative Server



acci-fucking-dent LOL haha

come on in if you want to claim that area haha.. i need to adjust your amount of blocks


@CynicRF IGN is Meow_Mix_Please Nick will be the same.
Also i quite like the faction plugin. Makes for easy base protection and is easy to modify the power people have.


too fun LOOK at that TPS LOL


Flags in the server already haahah you can climb up the american pole haha


also @Zibob im sorry i took a small piece of your jungle for my house or at least one of my houses lol


THats fine the jungle is huge, I have not scoped out anywhere as I am locked in the town with zero permissions.


Not anymore you should be fine to. Leave... Also hey you could connect the ewok village to my place

I really need you to login frequently so you have a UUID


its fun to almost crash the server by replacing 100k+blocks with water

EDIT: i think i killed it. Sorry. Wanted to fix water 40 blocks but hit 0 twice so yea.


If I am online on steam I am almost always here, so send me a message when you are on. Also it appears offline at the moment.


Gosh darnit.. Lol

Look guys j granted world edit but let's not shit in the sandbox okay hha

I'll anounce here once I've got a auto start script working so the server can start itself

alright she is up... and guess what she has a restart script so if you fuck up.. just wait 3 minutes


Can i test that restart script?


No because the last crash fucked things up.. can you get in here and help me

like there are chunks of data in places there shouldnt be


Jesus is there a World Border? Also will you tell me your hardware ;D


World border 1000000

uhm xeon 4 core 8T 8 gb of memory.. these chunks are just pieces of bedrock and lava and what not


Oh! Oh! I have a startup script that you can use that will put it in a tmux session if you have a seperate user for minecraft plugin and server administration

EDIT: Oh you got it working xD


yeah I did... it was a pain.. I used the screen command so it always comes back up


my script composes of restarting it but first sleeping 2 minutes to give the world a chance to shut down... then comes back up


@Meow_Mix_Please @pandahacker i think imma use xterm -e in my bash script to do open a terminal instead

with sleep 1m in there to allow the server to save


So the script is only for a restart? I normally just jump into the spigot console and hit Ctrl + C to stop the spigot server and it will restart automatically


you know how it needs a to restart by itself.. thats what i want.. and i want it in a new terminal when it executes