Unnecessary dislikes on Crit.tv videos

First of all. Sorry for starting a thread like this. I'm not here to start shit, just voice an opinion on this problem.

I'm not happy with what Logan did, like the rest of you. But I don't think it's fair to troll his channel with all the unnecessary dislikes. The overall content has not changed from the Tek Syndicate days. Logan does not make bad content and he should not be fucked over because of a personal vendetta against him. Examples:

I don't really watch Crit TV myself. But, I also don't go out of my way to dislike the content, just because Logan is making it. Any one in the L1 community that is doing this, should really stop this and just move on, and leave Logan alone.


oh noes, is he crying at night? cause some couple hounded ppl dislike his vids?

bet he earned those.


You might not go out of your way to dislike videos but you certainly go out of your way to point your finger at the forum... I'm sick of this shit being brought up.


Closing as this thread is sure to go nowhere but bad places :)