Unlock AMD Phenom II X4 960T CPU Into 6 Core Processor

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I always thought it was kind of interesting to why AMD disables cores in their processors. This video was made by me quite some time ago when I threw together that build specifically for that purpose. Everyone will probably make jokes about the cable management and the cpu fan in the video, but the room stays at 40F 24 hours a day, and this PC was specifically made to show people on youtube that the AMD Quad Core 960T was unlockable. 

Lol, first blog xD

might try this on my 720be to see if I can get an extra core on my friend hand-me-down video render rig

what cpu is it running?

Wow... I didn't even know this. I think there are a few AMD quad cores around here... I'm gonna have to dig one up now and try this. It seems too easy.

Also, thanks for the epic post CosmosusMagnus. We need to get you a camera crew. You know what you're talking about.

its only the ones with the T on the end, mine only has a slight chance of unlocking into a quad, the dual cores though are almost garunteed to unlock into a quad and you may need a voltage bump to get it stable, AMD has been binning chips for a while now, you can even unlock Athlon tri-cores and unlock L3 cache too, and semprons too

Not all AMD processors can be unlocked like this one, unfortunately :(  I think AMD made the 960T OEM only since many customers were doing what I did in that video xD

My grandmother purchased an HP from Staples, and I asked her if I could trade her a dual core AMD Athlon II at 3.1GHz for the Quad core because all she wants to use is email, facebook, and solitare xD She agreed, so I did some research on the 960T and tried it myself. xD CPUID Says, after unlock, it is an AMD Phenom X6 1600T. I can get you a CPUID from before and after an unlock if you want :P

I own an old sempron xD It's stock at 2.7ghz. I was able to unlock that, as well as a couple other semprons in my posession. 

good video cosmos. i only got 1 core to unlock on my phenom making it a x3.. the 4th core caused continous rebooting.

Yea, sadly some cores are defective :(