Unlimited plans for tablets

so i went to tmobile to get an unlimited plan for my shield tablet when i found out i couldnt have it, i could have it for my iphone 5 but not my shield. when i asked why the guy said ''thats just the way the net work is built'', one what the hell does that even mean and two why cant i have an unlimited plan for my tablet. there isnt any logical reason as to why i can have an unlimited plan on my phone but not on my tablet.

The guy is an idiot T-Mobile has unlimited data plans and has byod Sims for tablets.


but that plan has limited data, im talking unlimited as in i can use as many gigs as i want.


I guarantee you will not find a single unlimited plan for a tablet. Why? Because all cell phone companies are assholes. Their network would be fine without data caps, but the companies want money. Its pretty much that simple.


but theres an unlimited plan for cell phones, why cant i have the SAME THING for my tablet, two key words being the same thing.

i already know theyre ass holes btw.

Same answer as above. Yes they totally could but they wouldn't be able to siphon as much money. It's all about the more $$$ not about making the service as good as it can be. They only innovate as necessary to stay afloat.

Operators in Finland offer plans with real unlimited data (LTE) plus unlimited calls/msg for 16-25€/19-30$/month plus free Spotify/Deezer premium on top of that.

I want to see someone burning that 1TB in a month on mobile device!