Unknown Wiring in case

I am new to computers and decided to clean out my case. After disecting and cleaning for a while I came back to reinstalling everything I noticed a stray wire was unplugged. I can't seem to find where to put it? Could someone help? I'm not sure if it was already disconnected or what...

its a header for something on the front panel of the PC. Id have said AC97 but its not got enough pins. they normally plug into the bottom of the motherboard. but if you dont use anything on the front panel you dont need it plugged in.

Ok thanks, and I didn't just delete them I think their upload site went down or something :p

Can you identify where it comes from? PSU, case, etc.?

Power supply I belive, I have left it unplugged and put the case back together... I'm gonna start it up

I've never seen a PSU with that type of connector, on the flip side it does look remarkably like a front panel audio connector, odd the the connector doesn't have a label on the connector itself like most case connectors do.

Apart from the stray wire hitting a fan for a few seconds, making the loudest most terrifying noise ever and scaring the utter shite out of me... All seems to be fine :)

All the connectors with 5 pins I could find have the pins in a straight line, not 2 rows.
Kinda looks like an IDC 6pin connector with 1pin missing but I couldn't find one in the web.

Maybe @wendell @DeusQain or @Logan know what this is.

my guess would be speakers or something, cant you follow the wire to where it goes?

Looks like it might go to a front panel of some kind. What kind of case is this?

Did you mention the manufacturer of the system? I may have missed it. Also, are there any ID codes on the cable itself?

I have one of these machines that is scrap here on the floor and the connector was not plugged in, it was ziptied to the power cables.

Look at the 4th picture he posted, it comes from that front panel thingie that you can see on the right of the picture, if you look hard you can even make out the wire color code matches, has the same type of shrink wrap as the other white connector that is plugged in to MB and comes from the same device....maybe a external firewire or esata?

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Ok, the system itself is a HP Slimline S5000, I can't seem to follow it since the power supply runs so low. It defo leads under the PSU though... Also I recall that being the maximum length it would stretch. I'm selling the model soon as I'm building my own pc, hope the buyers don't call me up on the cable.

Is everything connected to the front panel I/O module?


@DeusQain HP Slimline S5000