Unknown other device, cannot find drivers

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right place, but I know someone here will know the answer.

I recently bought a second hand Cyberpower gaming laptop, its pretty powerful and runs well most of the time but about once per 12 hours of use it jumps to a BSOD, all with various different errors, the most recent of which was KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. This lead me to a guide that said it would be due to a device not installed properly.

I checked my devices and sure enought I had an 'other device, unknown device' with a yellow triangle. I tired to update it but with no luck - after a few searchs on cyberpowers website and the web I got mixed results, some saying it was the battery but I'm really not sure.

The hardware ID shows as ACPI\VEN_ENE&DEV _0110. Does anyone know how I can get this sorted or have any idea what driver it is. Hopefully this should sort out the BSOD errors but if not at least it crosses one thing off.

Thanks in advance

Maybe try disabling the driver for the unknown device. If that doesn't fix the BSOD problem maybe just download and reinstall all the drivers from cyberpower's website. If you can give me a link to download the BSOD dump file so I can further analyze it.

Where can I grab the dump file? I'll try and disable it and see if that helps - it seems to be related to the device overheating, has a manual fan you can turn on when you're gaming or if it starts getting hot and whenever it crashes its always hot

The default location is C:\Windows\Minidump. If you don't see it enable Hidden files and folders and show protected OS files.

As for finding the driver a website i like to use is pcidatabase.com.  You can use the Device ID and Vendor ID to search for drivers.  In your case this is what i found.




Hope this helps!

Not the best c & p job, but I hope it gets the data across


Dump File: 
Crash Time:
Bug Check String:
Bug Check Code:
Parameter 1:
Parameter 2:
Parameter 3:
Parameter 4:
Caused By Driver:
Caused By Address:
File Description:
Product Name:
File Version:
Crash Address:
Stack Address 1:
Stack Address 2:
Stack Address 3:
Computer Name:
Full Path:
Processors Count:
Major Version:
Minor Version:
Dump File Size:
Dump File Time:
05301 4-1 7296-01 .dmp
30/05/2014 151614
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ffM801 'a9863bf1
ntoskrnl.exe+1 53fa0
ntoskrnl.exe+1 53fa0
c:iWlNDOWSWinidumpW53014-17296-01 .dmp

The infamous "ntoskrnl.exe" (I had the some problem a few years back). You either have a faulty hard drive or faulty RAM. Use DLD for your HDD. If it comes up with a bunch of errors you will most likely have to replace it but you might get lucky just by reinstalling windows (but I don't recommend it). IF it shows no errors then you have to test the ram which is a tedious and time consuming process. Use memtest and test all unused ram (this will take some time usually 3-4 hours). It should come up with an error then. If it does then you will have to remove any extra ram sticks and test them one by one until you find the faulty stick. If it doesn't come up with an error in a few hours (at best give it 7. Took me 5 hours with 12GB). I would just Reinstall Windows and hope for the best or RMA the laptop and get it replaced. Hope that helped.

Thanks Lazyalicorn - looks like I found the issue and it was the memory, ran 3 instances on 2gb each and it found errors almost straight away. Left it running for an our and found over 10 errors. It's a laptop with (I think) 2 sticks of 8Gb ram so I could try and take one of them out and see if there are still errors.

Problem I have is that I bought the machine second hand, there is still warranty on it but firstly it doesnt transfer and secondly it will be a little awkward to get it sorted, however I think it may be easier and perhaps cheaper just to replace the Ram myself. 

What would you suggest?

No problem. Laptop ram is fairly cheap or a bit pricey (depending on your income) so I would just have the ram replaced. 2 sticks of 8GB is $150 on average. 2 sticks of 4GB is 80 dollars. I recommend you just buy some off newegg.com. On most laptops replacing the ram is pretty easy there is normally a slot on the bottom for access.

Unfortunately I'm in the UK so I can't get hold of them from there, I normally just use amazon or ebuyer over here. Turns out the laptop is still in warranty, but it may work out easier and that much more expensive to replace the sticks.

I don't think it's that easy to replace on this machine, I had a look on the bottom and the only easy access is the battery, everything else is under a panel with a bunch of deep set screws, but I should be ok once I get the panel off - if not I can always use this forum :)

Just had another crash - had a different error code, but I'm sure it was related to the same thing - was a IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL crash.

We do actually have newegg over here, never knew that - which ram is best, I don't really know the difference between the different brands, is it worth be pay £40-50 more for a different brand or is it like buying an apple device and just paying for the name?

I've never really found a difference between different brands of RAM. Though I usually buy G.Skill. 1600 Speed Ram should do fine.

Right, so I managed to get through to the warranty and they asked me to run tests with and without the ram and such like. I pulled it out tried one stick at a time and go 0 errors on both. I then put them both back in and got 0 errors again running memtest for till around 150% - this only covered the spare ram in the machine so could have missed some errors but a lot better than before. I've also noticed the fan now comes on when the machine gets hot, previously I had to manually turn it on.

This still leaves the unknown device, but so far I've had no crashes - Shall I just leave it as it is or should I be looking or worried that there will be another error in the near future

The unknown device I believe is unrelated to the problem. You are simply missing a driver. However the errors were coming from the bad RAM. I would just leave the unknown device driver disabled. As long as everything is functioning correctly and you aren't crashing I wouldn't worry too much about it.