Unity Game Engine Question

Anybody know the deal with this merger between Unity and what appears to be a adware/malware company ?

Supposedly it’s going to help developers monetize their games better, but a lot of people think it’s just going to lead to predatory ads in video games.


And don’t forget about Parsec, it’s part of unity and is now at risk of being a adware delivery mechanism. I’d stop using it immediately.

i know in the past parsec supported linux and idk when they stopped, but they ended use on linux

Aw that sucks, I love parsec and even pay for the monthly service, it’s the only real app I’ve found that work for me be able to remote into my 2019 Mac Pro and m1 mini and work with a great low latency environment, same with my windows box’s.

Might have to look somewhere elese now.

[insert embedded bloatware]