Unity Browser Game on Pi

I have a Raspberry Pi model B+ web server and I seem to be having trouble loading any Unity browser games from my webpage after I upload them to my pi. It is running Debian Wheezy and Apache2 server software. I'm not new to programming but I am new to web servers. Anyone know what I should do or if there are any settings that need to be changed to allow the games to run in browser?

I think you may have left out some words here

I fixed/updated it. Do you know why I would be having trouble loading the games on the browser?

Are you trying to run it on the Pi's browser?

No, The pi is my webserver. I'm trying to access it from the web. Whenever I load it up from the file on my machine it works with no problems. Every time I load it up over the internet, I get a loading error and it doesn't work.