Unity 8 renamed to Yunit

As predicted, the Unity 8 desktop environment has been forked, and renamed to Yunit. i'm not involved but it's worth mentioning for those of us who actually like Unity and are hoping for something other than Guhknowm for the future.
Yunit Github Page
Yunit Blog
Yunit Reddit

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This sounds like a bad gang name of some sort. :laughing:

Y Unit

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Preface: not a huge ubuntu user

I liked the idea but I'm not sure if they had the muscle to make it work. Also it was ugly. Hope they can get something working with it without selling their souls to MS though.

Should have named it Yunitix. Yeah yeah I get it unity, singular, but Yunitix sounds neat.

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i'm not super bothered about it, because Linux isn't my main OS. but i do know this is exactly why Mint and Xubuntu exist, because people like what they like. we just have to wait and see if it picks up, and i don't see why it wouldn't, really. we're talking about the face of one of the most widely recognised Linux distros. people are going to want their comfort zone back.

Y unity?

Yunit, is that an arts and crafts application on linux?