United Nations Apologizes for Cyberviolence Report

Bit late, but that's a thing

Here's some thick irony...there actually is a link from games to violence. A few years ago, ironically, two little girls did something to another little girl because they were obsessed with the slender game...they were kids and clearly confused. So is the whole report false? No. Is it misleading and written by some uneducated nutball? Yes. Just another lack of education dummy getting a job where they shouldn't. Quite sad and clearly an example of some form of favoritism/nepotism.

They tried to equate people tweeting terrible things to others as actual violence, or something along those lines.

They even compared the whole thing to games and whatnot. Truth is, unless an actual person is physically hurt then it constitutes as violence as some sort.

Also, to generalize violence in one category is to generalize radiation. It can't be done. There's all different levels and all different types.

Like I said...

Most times though when you hear these report retractions it's because some idiot gave another idiot a shot at a job, but clearly the original idiot had done it to push an agenda...and with there being an official retraction it can be seen that way.

It happens...