Uninstalling Origin

Will I need to wipe pc to get rid of all the funk that origin adds to the system or will a uninstall work just fine I had it for BF3 that I never play. 

I would first go to uninstall programs and delete it from there. Then go to "Run" and search for anything with the word Origin. Make a save point before deleting anything from the run menu encase parts are actually running other programs. After that you should be clean.

i just installed origin because of the bundle thing to play BF3...i hope the experience does not torture me. just want to try the game out.


How bad is origin..i use steam normally

their servers are utter shit, good luck downloading anything, every account feature that you would expect is automated is: contact customer support, just not quite as pollished as steam

I have found it to be junktastic and slow for BF3.  Also I am uninstalling cause wendell said it does werid stuff to your pc and alot of the time when he says certain stuff is bad for your pc he is right.

7% 600 kb/sec downloading BF3..think it would be done like next 5hr

im fine with that since im heding to work for the next couple hrs.

is the online gameplay crappy..for BF3 and or other games they offer.


Allot of people are going to get origin for BF4 including myself. if its bad..what can we do if they dont answer complains..definately not going to play COD. and BF4 seems to be the only FPS ofering AAA quality with some innovative mechanics

if i see performance flaws in the coming week i will personally email you first...not saying i trust them. i taking your word and looking out for anomilies. 


screen flickered dramaticly during install...wonder whats that about. never seen that with any other install

gameplay is fine, but to launch it you have to go to the battlelog website and use a webbrowser based server browser

don't get me wrong i've used much worse server browsers (i'm looking at you arma), but who thought that was a good idea

Origin is not as good as steam, that much is a given. The question is, is it utter shit? Hell no. From what I have gathered is that people feel the need to pick a side and shout from the rooftops about how the competition is absolutely terrible. 

Origin is fine, It wont steal your cpu or your ram it will just sit on your computer like any other program you have installed. its failing is that it is not as good a steam.

Regarding the actual uninstall process, EA provide this article: Manually Uninstalling the Origin client

This is obviously more in-depth than most would normally need, but it does detail registry changes etc.

When I tried to contact customer support, they said I have to enter the support for US. I had an EA central just 20min from my place and they send me to US... I got no problems with changing the country support but why even setup my language for the program when it can't have any support or anything without changing to US?