Uninstalled Programs -- No Space Freed?

I am trying to install the BF4 preload on my SSD but it only had 10gb left of free space.
So I went and uninstalled the BF4 beta, which was taking up 5.5GB on the drive.
Nothing... Still says 10GB free?
So I uninstall BF3 from it, surely that will do it?
Same thing, only 10GB is free.

Seriously any help would be great. 

Check the recycle bin and empty it, some security suites has had their own secondary recycle bin as well so in case that rings a bell clean that one as well. Then even if that makes enough room try making even more free space available since it's not a good idea to run an SSD at almost full, at least not if it's also the system drive.

Two quick things that can usually free up a decent amount of space on a system drive SSD is to disable Hibernation and disable or move the swap file to another drive.

Run Windows's own Disk Cleanup routine for good measure.