Unigine Heaven Not Working?

So I tried running unigine heaven on my gtx 670 with the latest nvidia driver and everything. It showed up as this:


I thought it might be a driver issue so I tried it with older drivers and it still looked like the above pic. I didn't overclock my gpu or anything.... 

The last thing I did was restart+getting a different file of unigine heaven (http://unigine.com/products/heaven/download/) and it still looked like the above pic.... does anyone know I can do to fix it?


Pc Specs:

i5-3570k (default clock)

Galaxy gtd 670 GC Overclocked edition (default clock)

Asrock z77 Extreme4 Mobo

Windows 7 Extreme (in case that was an issue ><)



My favorite test is try it on Linux. And fortunately Unigen Heaven is on Linux. If it's wonky on Linux, it's a hardware issue. I'm fairly certain you can install/run it from a LiveBoot. If it works fine on Linux, it's definately software related on Windows.