Unidentified Network

Someone please help ive looked everywere and cant find help so I have come here. OK here I go.

My Internet was working wonderfully and I thought I could use a VPN (not to sure if relevant) so I purchased private internet access and got a yearly account. It worked great but after about 2 days after I left my fathers house were I purchased the vpn. I went to my mothers and now my laptop can not connect to the Internet it says, "Unidentified Network" and underneath it says " No Internet Access" I have no clue what to do. 

Im not to sure if it is the vpn or my laptop im not blaming the vpn I'm just looking for help. Thanks in Advance

try changing the location of the network you are connected to to private. it may be set to public and your pc recognizes it as an outside connection. 

Or you could try this: 


its helped me configure my laptop and desktop connection. you could try it. 


Try disabling DNS leak Prevention in the settings, if I remember correctly that can cause issues... Its not ideal but...

Thanks for the reply paul but I don't have that setting on my laptop its not even there

It isn't dns link I have disabled it already and restarted the pc not working

How do I do this