Uneven Core Temps

I run an AMD FX 6350 on stock cooling and when I idle I get 19.2-19.8 across all cores.  So ambient basically.  Under load I'll get cores at 32-34 and other cores at 36-38.  Is there supposed to be this large of a disparity under load or what.  When I was running my AMD athlon x4 610e it was even in idle and under load.  The CPU has been seated twice and I'm not OCing.  What do or am I okay?

Looks like you're seeing a range of 4 degrees. It's nothing to worry about. It's natural and your load temps are not bad at all so don't worry.

I own a 6350 too!

It could also be dependent on what program you're using to simulate load. If it's a synthetic odds are it's loading all cores to the max and it's fairly equal.

If it's a real life load like rending a video then it may not be as the application may not utilize all cores effectively.

I run PC wizard while I'm in game and alt tab to check.

I figured it'd be something like that just wanted a second opinion.  A 3rd and 4th wouldn't hurt either.

It's not unusual. If you see wildly differing values, a difference of several degrees or more, then you might have an issue. You can reset the heatsink, apply thermal paste carefully across all the cores in that scenario. But you don't really need to worry in your circumstance.

I'll keep an eye on it.  I think the only reason it startled me at all was that my Athlon ran even under a full load.


different cores will always have different temps. just take a look at some heatsink reviews by TTL on youtube or the like, you can see upto 6-8 degrees difference in temps its normal

Your 4 degrees (i assume celsius?) are completely normal. If the difference between cores is much higher, there could be a problem with your thermal paste or the heat spreader but that is definitively not the case here

Alright.  Quick update.  As time has passed the CPU cores are staying more even.  I think the Arctic Silver just needed a little time under load.  Thank you for all the quick replies.  You guys are awesome.  I suspect I'll stick around here for some time.  =]