Unescapable freeze in CS:GO on Mint 18.2 with Radeon HD 7970

When playing CS:GO after anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes my computer will freeze and i need to use the restart key on the case. At the moment of the freeze my audio loops the past 1/4 second and my friends say that my mumble client stops transmitting immediately then times out from the server. I cannot restart my session with <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Backspace>, I cannot switch to TTY1 with <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<F1>, and surprisingly I cannot even get a response from <Alt>+<SysReq>+<R,E,I,S,U,B>, although I have read that it may be disabled in mint? I am not seeing anything useful in the syslog and I really do not know where to go from here.

$ inxi -G
Graphics:  Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Tahiti XT [Radeon HD 7970/8970 OEM / R9 280X]
       Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 drivers: ati,radeon (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
       Resolution: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
       GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on AMD TAHITI (DRM 2.49.0 / 4.10.0-28-generic, LLVM 4.0.0)
       GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 17.0.7

$ inxi
CPU~Hexa core Intel Core i7-3930K (-HT-MCP-) speed/max~2779/5700 MHz Kernel~4.10.0-28-generic x86_64 
Up~1 day Mem~5599.8/32113.4MB HDD~2062.4GB(25.7% used) Procs~360 Client~Shell inxi~2.2.35

Having run Linux on all but my gaming PC for the last few years I recently decided it was finally time to move off windows 7 and run my games on Linux as well. Currently I have Linux mint 18.2 installed just because it is what I use on a laptop so I can help friends and family with it. I am not tied to mint on this desktop but also don’t really want to go installing other distros willy nilly to see if it helps. I currently use cinnamon for my WM but have been experimenting on another machine to see if i could move to a tiling WM like awesome or i3, so installing another distro with an unfamiliar WM wouldn’t be an issue.
Since I don’t play games as much as I used to, and not very demanding ones at that I have not seen a need to update my GPU, but if that would provide much better long term stability I would probably do it.

Do you get anything from the logs from Steam? Some Steam games use stdout for their log, it should be somewhere in /tmp/dumps/_stdout.txt no idea if it will be there after the system restarts though :slightly_frowning_face:

Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache? Are you running the game in full screen or windowed mode? Do you have any logs from Mumble?

Do you use more than one monitor? Some more details may assist :slight_smile:

Also it may be worthwhile having a quick look through the github page for linux csgo

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I saw a log in /tmp/dumps, but It wasn’t from cs:go, just the steam client. Looks like mumble doesn’t generate logs unless you ask it to. Verified integrity and it replaced one file. I will try to induce a crash again. It seemed to only happen in Competitive, but I will leave competitive with bots running, Windowed fullscreen, I like switching windows.

Successfully Induced crash by playing 6 rounds of off-line competitive with bots. crash_20170730160017_25.dmp
I verified integrity again after the crash and again 1 file failed and was re-downloaded.