Undervolting R9 Nano

Hey everyone, first post here!

I picked up a really cheap R9 Nano on ebay that I’ll be using in my Skyreach 4 Mini. I’m wondering if anyone has some tips for undervolting the little beast. I don’t need high end gaming performance, I play at 1080 and the most demanding game I play is probably PUBG.

I’ll be using the HDplex 400w AC-DC and DC-ATX for power, which is one of the reason I want to undervolt. Is there a ‘best’ increment in terms of lowering voltage when testing? -3mv at a time, -6mv at a time etc.

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IIRC due to ripple it really only makes an effect if you do your steps in 25 mV at a time, unless you’ve got an insanely accurate power supply.

I just lost my wattman profiles with a clean driver install or I’d upload them. I had 3 profiles: -50% power, 700MHz, 900mV (roughly 390x performance), -50% power, 900MHz, 1V (roughly 580 performance), and default power, 1100MHz, 1.25V. 700MHz as default, then used the other two as game specific profiles. 900MHz kept me at 144fps in Overwatch, 1100MHz was for more demanding/unoptimized gamed like PUBG or RoE.

@mello what was the power consumption and heat of your Nano?

Sorry to necro the thread!

@Ultra-m-a-n Mine’s a regular Fury so temps were never an issue, and my mITX case is definitely on the larger side. Core Power at -50% power limit for [email protected] was 135W. [email protected] was 165W. [email protected] with -15% power limit was 215W. Those are all peak power consumption in overwatch.

Just tested down at 610Mhz, 900mV, -50% power consumption for a peak for 85W.

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That’s interesting. Are those numbers based on the total system power draw or just the card. From the wall or actual power draw? Thanks!

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