Undervolting FX-8320

Hey guys, i wanted to share with you my current numbers (still working on getting the vcore lower) Ive had this chip for about 6 months, but never really pushed for a high overclock etc, was bored so i decided to have a play.



-M5a99x Evo r1


-H80i watercooler

-8gb, 1600mhz corsair ram

-750w enermax psu

-Two gtx-570s


My FX-8320 is currently at 4ghz (200x20) vcore at 1.236(Stock is 1.32 @ 3.5ghz). Still yet to have prime95 fail on me, im running tests of about 10 minutes each until i find its limit then ill bump it up a bit and run a longer test.

EDIT: Anything lower than 1.236 starts dropping cores in prime. 


Huge improvement in temps already, normally under full load it would sit at 58-59c now its maxed out at 52c , with ambient temps of about 25c. Cant wait to see what this thing can do in the other direction :)


Let me know your FX-series numbers!