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Undervolting 3970x?

Hey guys, my 3970x + TRX40 Aorus master seems to hit pretty high idle voltage spikes of 1.45voltage frequently. I went ahead and set a voltage offset of -.05volts in bios and adjusted llc up to medium accordingly to maintain the same load vcore.

With those changes I am noticing a drop in idle voltage spike to 1.4v, and also a reduction in both idle/load temps of about 2-3c, and finally according to cinebench no loss in performance in both single and multithreaded workloads.

Does this seem like a good change, or am I adversely affecting the processor in some way?

Hi, 1.4v is still a lot. It is apparently recommeded to keep it under 1.325v. Try and see if there is an override mode in bios.

This is a very commonly reported problem. I’m still trying to understand precision boost and how stock auto mode works with ryzens but what I found so far to work best in terms of temps and performace is using Ryzen Master to set simple frec and voltage profiles in manual mode.
Testing these profiles for stability - prime95 is said to cause some issues with small fft tests overheating ryzens due to their 7nm process so I don’t think it’s necessarily the best. I’m saying this because prime95 has become a some kind of standard in validating cpu stability (not sure if you intend to use it but just in case).
I used intel burn test - it’s rough enough lol…

This is on windows or Linux?

Try to use Ryzen Master (probably only Windows app). It provides more relevant information.
At idle:

  • CPU-Z shows 1.42V,
  • RM shows peek voltage ~1.0 and average 0,6V

Z-Zip bemchmark all cores:

  • CPU-Z shows ~1.35V,
  • RM shows peek voltage ~1.32 and average 1,32V

I assume that nowadays It is hard (especially for 3rd party tools) to present information reliably for very dynamic parameters.