Undervolted i7 [vs i5], worth the price?

Hi all,

I'm about to enter university, and I will obviously need a laptop for that. I've been looking at the Clevo W840SU (I live in Belgium, so I'll buy it from Schenker: http://mysn.eu/schenker-s403) and I can configure it with an i5 4200U for 50 EUR or an i7 4500U for 135 EUR. That's a price difference of 85 EUR. Is the i7 worth the price?

For gaming, video editing and other CPU and GPU intensive tasks, I can just use my desktop. The laptop will be used for coding, making notes, doing some lighting control, webbrowsing, ... But, I might run some VM's on the laptop (running Linux) to get some kind of Windows running if needed, so I might need the extra processing power to do so. What do you think?

i5 will be fine, if anything go for 8gb of ram and the 1080p screen option.

the normal cpu measurement  is core i3 for everday uses, core i5 for gaming and core i7 for video processing and coding.


That's already decided. No way I'm going for anything less than 1080p or 8GB of ram :D

i7 for coding...wtf?. I code sometimes on my old 1.7ghz centrino and its all good. Even the most demanding ide and compiler one can get by with an i3 quite comfortably. Even my t100ta's z3740 tiny atom chip handles vs2013 with relative ease.

Yeah no reason to go for that i7, it's one of the mobile i7s that should not be branded as such because it's only a dual core w/ HT, same as the i3 and i5 (although i5/i7 have turbo boost unlike i3). If it were a quad-core i7 w/ HT I would say it's worth it, but since it's a dual core it really isn't.