Understanding SK-Hynix DDR4 RDIMM memory naming convention

I am looking to put together a MZ72-HB0 build. On the QVL for memory modules, it lists SK Hynix memory “HMAA8GR7AJR4N-XN-TG” as one that is compatible. However, I’ve come across a seller who is selling “HMAA8GR7AJR4N-XN-T4”.

The first 15 characters are well documented but I’ve got no clue of what the meaning of any characters after the first 15.

Do you know if I will have any problems with this -T4 ram over the the -TG ram? The only difference I can derrive is that the last 2 characters are different.


If its for a desktop build, you should not have any issues. Worst case is that you would run it at JDEC specified speeds but it would still function with a performance penalty.

Thx @regulareel, works great. No issues other than the seller giving me 11 out of 16 DIMMs functioning. I was able to get a refund for the 5 dead ones via ebay.

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