Understanding proxmox and proxmox HA

My understanding is Proxmox’s HA isn’t the same as VMware’s vMotion? can it do seamless migration liek vmotion? then that had me curious about other things, like how to upload ISOs.

i’ve also been struggling hard with the documentation is so scattered and mismatched due to all the versions nad blogs and forum posts over the years, i have now officially fucked up my repos OR failed to remove the subscription repo.

Vmotion is live migration in proxmox.

HA is HA

When I do live migrations in proxmox. I typically only lose maybe a ping or two tops.

With HA they recommend a minimum of three nodes to create your cluster.


As is rapidly becoming the norm I went and looked up this alphabet soup to decode the nonsense.

HA = High Availability.
As in multiple of the same virtual servers mirrored so that if one fails another can set in and maintain up time. (All comes with the I think caveat since none of this is my thing)

It looks like what you want is Live Migration, which needs High Availability since you move the current live servers instance to another of you High Availability servers.

I know nothing about VMware. The Proxmox website says it is instant switch over like @nx2l said.

So set up Proxmox and a server therein, then set up proxmox High Availability on some other machines, and then you can Live Migrate that server to any of the High Availability nodes in real time.

High-availability cluster

Proxmox VE can be clustered across multiple server nodes.

Since version 2.0, Proxmox VE offers a high availability option for clusters based on the Corosync communication stack. Individual virtual servers can be configured for high availability, using the Red Hat cluster suite. If a Proxmox node becomes unavailable or fails the virtual servers can be automatically moved to another node and restarted. The database- and FUSE-based Proxmox Cluster filesystem (pmxcfs) makes it possible to perform the configuration of each cluster node via the Corosync communication stack

Live migration

At least since 2012, in an HA cluster, live virtual machines can be moved from one physical host to another without downtime. Since Proxmox VE 1.0, released 29.10.2008 KVM and OpenVZ live migration is supported.

So Proxmox HA is not the same as VMware Vmotion but Porxmox Live Migration which needs HA set up is the same as Vmotion.