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Under active development 👍

Hey I noticed a lot of recent commit activity on the looking-glass github repo.

Kudos to @gnif and the new contributors for sticking with the project and putting in so much hard work. And doing it all in a public repo. It’s interesting to watch the code evolve, even if I don’t have the time / specific skills to contribute code myself.

So although I’m stuck in B2 for various reasons, I just made a $$ contribution. I do contract software development on a pay-for-performance basis and believe on supporting efforts like looking glass in the same way. Keep up the work and I’ll keep up the regular contributions.

I urge others to step and contribute as they can. Even at a minimum, if you use it, it’s worth pitching in a few bucks.

And @gnif, let us know when you’re at a good point for some testing. I’m looking forward to making looking-glass one of the centerpieces of a new primary development workstation build once the new silicon becomes actually available (!) in a few months.


Thank you kindly! It’s always nice to get a message like this.

We are just about to tag Beta3-rc1, at which point we will be encouraging everyone to jump on and test :slight_smile: It’s just waiting on the wayland guys to sign off on their work now.