Under $750 System


This is a build i am considering,

Any suggestions/changes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


You have no case there, haha.

Also, if you don't plan on upgrading for a long time, you can probably bump the wattage down on your cpu closer to 500w without much negative effect. 

The case doesn't matter, im foucusing on the system

How come you're getting an SSD an not an HD?

forgot to mention already had a hdd

Oh, well i didn't know that because normally the case is considered part of the system. Parts need a house.

Overall, it looks good. Except for the PSU, like I said. You could probably drop it unless you were planning for future expanding.

Get a 7850 with 2GB's of memory. Will not cost more. 

If i was you, I would drop the SSD for a HDD (and get a Segate Barracuda at around 70 $) and also drop the after market cpu cooler. the stock one is good enough. Put your money saved fron what i mentioned earlyer into an ASUS GTX 660 ti or a EVGA GTX 660 ti. The 660 will play any game at max settings at over 30-40 fps. Good luck finding your parts. 

I also have been trying to build a system for around the same price, and just ordered this: 


For now, I have some old Hdds for it.. later i will get an ssd...

He already has an HD...